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Take a moment to analyze where you’re at in you’re life and how you got here. Through all of your experiences, your studies, your social involvement, your gains & losses, your discipline, & the lessons you’ve learned…they have all provided you with what you need to survive in this world. Your knowledge, a certain set of skills, and probably a few items that at one time had value to you, but are now collecting dust in your attic… these things may hold much value to your neighbors and fellow community members, you just may not know it yet!

Now, imagine a place where you can meet others who want to exchange all of these things with you; an organization that focuses on human values and community involvement…Welcome to Miracle Exchange Inc.


“To make the effect one has on others the only form of currency the world needs”

Within all of us lies the ability to change the life of another. We are here to act as the catalyst that awakens the compassionate nature of all human beings, regardless of your place in society.


“To inspire humanity through expressions of love and compassion.”

Miracle Exchange Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in Fort Collins, Colorado. Our website will serve as the foundation of a movement that will promote bartering, community service, and the power of Karma in an effort to provide members of Northern Colorado a place to trade goods, skills, or services for similar mediums of exchange. This is a place to use your skills as a HUMAN BEING as means to navigate every day life and attain the goods and services you need without the need to utilize your bank account or other forms of currency.

You have more to offer the world than you think… and we want to be the ones to help you find your passion for helping others and using your skills as a member of Northern Colorado.

There is a ME in Miracle Exchange… and we want you to find it so you may share it with others.

Happy Bartering!



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