Bartering: How It Works

How does it work?

Want to trade goods with someone? Do you have a certain set of skills you’d like to exchange? Create a profile and register with us to join our  bartering community! Once you create a profile, you gain access to our Trade Forum and Bartering section specific to your location in Northern Colorado. Here you will find other like minded individuals who are prefer to use their skills or goods as a medium of exchange- this means you DO NOT need money to use our services! Browse through the posts and see if there’s someone looking for what you already have!

 Bartering  Your Services – Your Skills and Attributes

You need to identify some basic skills or abilities you have to use as a way to trade with others. On your user profile, fill out the Skills & Attributes section so that others may see what it is you are willing to use to exchange! Cooking… cleaning… guitar lessons… walking dogs… anything you think you can use to exchange with others for what you need!

Bartering Goods 

Do you have a storage unit you’re using to keep all of your extra things? Remember that awesome surfboard you NEEDED to have, but then realized you live in Colorado and cant use it…? GREAT! Someone out there has a need for it more than you do, and you can receive something in exchange for it!

This is the most basic way to use our services; if you think about it, our materialistic society really places us at a huge advantage for bartering… we have LOTS of “stuff” we don’t use any more that we can bring new life to through bartering!


Have some fun!

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