Beta Test: Online Event @ Miracle Exchange Inc.
Dec 2 – Dec 4 all-day

Miracle Exchange Final 2015




We are happy to introduce Miracle Exchange Inc. and its community efforts to Northern Colorado! On Sunday November 29, 2015 a Beta test of the website & its functions will take place in an effort to identify any remaining issues with site usage. The director will take part in an open suggestion forum to hear what else you think the site should include! Here are a few things to consider for the event:

  1. Be open minded! – There are like minded individuals waiting for you to exchange with them! Be patient and stay involved, someone is looking for what you have to offer!
  2. Look Inside Yourself! – Everyone has something to offer the world… take a moment to look at yourself to identify what skills or goods you have to barter, then list them on your profile for others to see!
    • We plan to offer Trade & Skill classes to the public if you’re interested in picking up a new talent or if you want to be come an instructor!; Contact the Director for more information.
  3. WANTED: Like Minded Individuals! – Like what you see? Does our Mission & Vision inspire you to do good in your community? GREAT! We’re interested in hearing how you would like to be involved! Contact the director with any inquiries.


Grand Opening @ Miracle Exchange Inc.
Jan 1 all-day

We will be organizing a physical event in Fort Collins to help launch the official Grand Opening of Miracle Exchange Inc. Here, we  will provide the community a chance to meet the the staff face to face as well as interact with other members who have helped with the Beta event. Get a feel from those currently involved and see how you think you can become a part of our dream!

We are currently organizing the event and will be in need of volunteers to help coordinate the event. If you want to be a part of the Grand Opening, we’d love to hear from you! Send us an email or fill out one of the contact forms on the website and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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