Extend A Hand

Extend A Hand

MEI offers a program that allows local business owners to utilize their employees & resources directly in the community. Through various events, incentives and marketing strategies, the “Extend a Hand” program allows local businesses and working members of Northern Colorado a chance to participate in community efforts financially as well as through direct personal interaction. 

Business would take the following steps to integrate themselves with MEI

  • Contact Miracle Exchange’s Founder and Director
  • Complete the Group registration information on our Website, which includes:
  • Decide your  level of involvement on our  Donation Tiers page
  • Provide your IRS & Tax Information

Upon enrollment, your involvement would begin as soon as registration is processed. Miracle Exchange will notify businesses of opportunities and ways to get involved, however it is recommended that you become actively engaged in the Forums and Bartering section to truly promote your willingness and engagement in the community. 

Once the level of involvement has been selected, businesses receive multiple incentives to help drive the efforts of Miracle Workers (refer to “Donation Tiers” section for further explanation). An option to market our affiliate’s efforts and make their establishment more aware in the community is available and the marketing abilities increase as do the level of donation and participation. 

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