Q) What is Miracle Exchange Inc.?

A) We’re a non-profit organization specializing in bartering/community service efforts. We hope to engage in community activism and to create an online source for people to trade their own goods and services with other members of Northern Colorado.



Q) What is Bartering?

A)  As defined by Dictionary.com: “to trade by exchange (goods or services) for other goods or services without using money.”  It’s that simple; bartering has been used as a way for people to interact in society for thousands of years. We choose focus on the values and abilities of a human being as the medium of exchange… price tags have no meaning here.



Q) Where are you located?

A) Currently our website will serve as the foundation for our movement. The Fort Collins location & Northern Colorado was chosen specifically by the founder due to its residents and their current expression of beliefs. The founder believes that the region is made of individuals who remain environmentally conscious, supportive of local business, and who are already actively engaged in the shaping and evolution of their home and community. 

We do plan to acquire a physical storefront once we gain traction in the community; this will provide members of Miracle Exchange a location to rent tools or supplies needed to perform a trade, a classroom setting where skills and trade classes will be offered to the public, as well as  a general reception & meeting place for members to conduct their bartering.

We are currently looking for potential options for our storefront; contact us if you think you have a location that may suit our needs!



Q) Why do I need a Profile?

A) A profile allows other users to personally identify with whom they are going to exchange with. The *Karma Rating System* that accompanies each profile will provide a quick reference as to the quality of the interaction experienced by other users… in short, people will rate you based on how you chose to handle the exchange. Quality of service, attitude, and future interaction should all be considered when rating your fellow Members.

Our Members are also members of your community; we hope that you choose to interact positively with each other in your daily lives & let Miracle Exchange & your common interests make the introduction. Bartering holds value in other forms besides obtaining new goods or services; it provides you with a way to strengthen your community through your interactions with others… this seems like a good time to mention our Mission:

“Inspiring Humanity through expressions of Love & Compassion”



Q) How can I get involved?

A) To start, create a profile & see how you can exchange with others. You can also post in the Forums section to promote your needs throughout your community. This is a place to network on a personal level with like minded individuals looking to utilize bartering and new ways to make an impact on your community. We will have structured events throughout the year to promote our Vision and to show new members how the site operates. If you would like to volunteer at one of our events, we will make notice of our needs through the Community Projects & Activities page as well as our Social Media outlets; so be sure to watch out for announcements!



Q) Where do the donations go?

A) Our hope is to lessen your faith in money and strength your faith in your fellow community members. That being said, we are not ignorant to the fact that money still plays a large factor in our general overhead as well as funding for our ongoing projects & activities. Your donations will directly effect your community, weather it be through a local food drive, community service efforts, counseling services, covering overhead for our storefront, or a way to provide someone means to better themselves; we vow to always have your needs be the focus of our efforts & to be transparent with our funding. Remember, each donation gets us closer to achieving our Vision:

“To make the effect One has on Others the only form of currency the World needs.”


Q)  Whats the catch?

A) We hope you spread our Mission & Vision. Money (or the lack thereof) is the source of most problems we face as citizens of Earth; we hope that by placing less emphasis on the value of money and instead exploiting the skills and values of human beings, we can lessen the grasp that money has over our day to day lives.

Dare to be DIFFERENT!



















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