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How to use Miracle Exchange?

4 Simple Steps to Get Started

Let’s get ready to work with us.

Contact & Verification

Get start in less than 10 minutes with our easy verification process. Contact us via Telegram @miracleexchange and we will setup a deal for you.

Make Payment

Deposit minimum of 500USD into our Paypal account. We will notify you as soon your funds reflect in our UK account.

Order processing

The exchange of your funds will be executed after we have received your funds. Most of the time in less then 24h and max up to 72h.

Receive your assets

After you have received your assets, the exchange is completed. We will be happy to serve your future orders anytime. We strive for long term relationships and happy clients.

Inform Yourself

Bitcoin is different than what you know. Before you start using it inform your self or ask our agents.

Choose Your Wallet

There plenty ways to store your assets. We recommend to use a cold storage device.

Get Bitcoin

Contact Miracle Exchange and buy your Bitcoin today. To start the process contact us via Telegram @MiracleExchange.

Spend Bitcoin

More and more shops accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Bitcoin is going mainstream.
Miracle Exchange cryptocurrency exchanger

What we offer?

  • Guided buying & selling process of Cryptocurrencies
  • Asset Management
  • Easy & guided Sign Up Process
  • Fast Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Personal Assistance
  • We are specialized in exchanging high volume orders


Low Fees

Fast Exchange

A trusted and secure bitcoin exchange

Buy crypto with PayPal or via IBAN Bank Transfer

Miracle Exchange is offering two payment options to buy Bitcoin.

1. Bank Transfer (Swift + Sepa)

2. PayPal

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Learn How to invest in Cryptocurrency
The Easiest Way to Get Bitcoins Are We!

Our selling points

Why Choose Miracle Exchange?

We are your gateway to access the best performing asset class in history

Easy & Secure

Our team is ready to assist you live on side or via video call. Our verification process takes only 10 minutes of your time.

Personal Contact

We guide you through the whole process and guarantee a secure exchange of your funds.


If you need a wallet we can help you to create one. Just contact us.

Experts Support

We are happy to assist you via Video Call, Phone Call or Email.

Fast Exchange

We provide you with fast turn around times, most of the time in less then 24h.

Recuring Buys

We can setup an recurring payment plan and manage the exchange for you.
Cryptocurrency Prices

Cryptocurrency Market Data

A New Kind of Money? We call it Gold 2.0

Buy and Sell Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency, especially is becoming a more and more know and valuable asset. Here some facts you should know about it:

  • Bitcoin is the best performing asset class ever in history.
  • Bitcoin is super SCARE. There are only 21 million Bitcoins available.
  • Transact worldwide in minutes without restrictions
  • Transaction fees are very small compered to bank transfers
  • Nobody can close or limit your wallet. Your funds are 100% in your control
Whats next?

Contact us now

Leave us a message and we come back to you to start the process

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Good to know

Information is power

Bitcoin was born in 2008. Since then we experienced a huge adoption of blockchain technologies also in the decentralized finance sector so called DeFi. Bitcoin provides the community full control over their funds. There are only 21 million Bitcoins available an this will never change! It’s scare like in times of the Gold Standard.

Cryptocurrencies are about to become mainstream. Major banks and hedge funds buying massive Bitcoin. Google the cryptocurrency news for detailed information.

We can’t predict the future and we don’t give any buy or sell recommendations. But follow the news and build your own opinion. Like with any other currency or commodity markets are fluctuating and you can loose  money though that.

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